Clean Water -Clean Living is a program in partnership with programs currently on-going in Haiti. A Wellness Center Program is the initial project to be completed.The Wellness Center Program consists of several components that will take a minimum of three years to construct and five years, with collaboration with other enterprises, to become rooted and then mature into a profit  generating enterprise scalable to national proportions.

The Republic of Haiti has more than eight million citizens and over 170,000 persons continue to live in temporary shelters in squalor four years following the earthquake of 2010. One third of Haiti’s population lives in rural areas where the health infrastructures are fragile. Haiti has a large proportion of people living in poverty- the income of most Haitians is less than  $1.25/day- and the highest mortality rate (average age 45) of any country in the Americas.There are high death rates associated with pregnancy and childbirth; communicable diseases, malnutrition and unsafe water. On January 12, 2010, the most powerful earthquake ever to hit Haiti  struck. The recent (2013) cholera outbreak highlights the perils of  unclean water and crowded living conditions.To serve the needs of the country in post-earthquake reconstruction of the health system, a large cadre of locally trained mid-level community health workers is necessary. The Wellness Center Program, by creating and managing a clinical medical assistant training system, is addressing this need.

The primary mission for the Wellness Center Program is to assist in the design and development of a comprehensive healthcare system in Haiti that provides employment opportunities, improved healthcare delivery and a comprehensive care program that utilizes electronic health recording technology as an innovative method that allows prompt retrieval of data to facilitate state-of-the-art medical care to all Haitians and those who visit Haiti.



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